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World of Arkaela Guestbook Bribery Page!


On March 31st 1999, as winter left like a lamb, the World of Arkaela Spelljamming page got it's one thousandth recorded hit! In celebration, and in hopes of boosting the number of guestbook entries {especially since the first incarnation on Eguest vanished when their server fried}, and as a show of gratitude, your Humble Dungeonmaster now offers a special, nothing-else-like-it-on-the-web ~BRIBE~ to those of you who have surfed my site. Here it is:


Any surfer who signs my Arkaela Guestbook and includes their email address, will receive their choice of one of three gaming-related files! Of course, your guestbook entry must actually include a positive comment of some sort {or at least, a politely constructive one} J


Include in your comment field the name of the file you wish, and it will be emailed to you straight away!


Here are your choices:



This is a full-sized {800x556 in 16 million colors} bit-map render of the Dooms Gate city picture found on Places of Note. Whether you're a hard-core Andraxas worshipper who wants to gaze on the Homeworld's sacred city every day, or just want a cool-ass gothic fantasy city on your desktop, this big BMP will look great as a background graphic. Include the name DOOMSGATE in your guestbook comment field.



For your ultimate AD&D critical hits and fumbles needs, this is THE chart for you. 6 pages packed with multiple critical hit charts for all weapon types, four each for bladed, blunt, and missile, plus one for bare-handed 20's! Also included are 4 fumble charts for bladed & blunt weapon types plus a seperate missile flub table. In Word 6 format. Include the name CRITICAL HITS in your guestbook comment field. Originally created by Marie & Gene Altobelli of the D&D website.



coming soon

A collection of way-cool fantasy & gothic fonts from around the world-wide-web. Some are even kinda necessary to view the Arkaela pages in all their splendor. Also included are several symbol-fonts for dolling up your graphics and web pages. Check the graphic at right for examples, more than a dozen fonts in all! Include the name FONTS in your guestbook comment field.


Isn't this great? Stuff for free, all you have to do is enter your thoughts in the Arkaela Guestbook. And, thanks again for coming to see my own little spelljamming area on the information superhighway.



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