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The Nameless Ones


History: In the age when the clerics of the Old Ones ruled Arkaela with an iron fist, a planewalking mage happened upon this world, and soon strove to learn its alien magical secrets. In the ruin of what appeared to be a mage’s tower, she uncovered an old tome; scribed by a Ren-shal of Hastur, this tome contained spells that allowed a caster to commune with demons and sprits of the dead, as well as containing the formulae for lichdom. Unable to discern most of the contents because the language used was unknown to him, this mage made a fatal mistake and, using an incompletely-translated ritual, summoned the book-owner’s spirit so it might unlock the final secrets of book. Unfortunately, the mage could not fathom what she had unleashed. The power and sheer will of this spirit was able to possess the mage’s body, shutting her consciousness away to watch, in horror, as her flesh’s possessor set about on its own purposes. Despite much effort, she was never able to again regain control. After a few centuries of continual possession and the Ren-shal’s activities, this mage’s body was transformed into a being of such horror, mere words could not describe its features. In this gruesome shape, the Ren-shal experienced the Paring, and was buried with the city of Hali beneath inrushing waters.

When Hastur was finally released from his banishment in Hali, the Old One Who Must Not Be Named uncovered his former worshipper, once it became clear that others of his ilk had returned from their centuries of sleep. Once active again, the Ren-shal possessor performed a power ritual to eject the wife's spirit into the void and assumed full control of the hideous body. Now the leader of a growing cabal, she is known as the Unnamable. The Unnamable serves as the undisputed ruler of the minions of Hastur and is personally served by a wing of byakhee. As in ancient days, her cabalistic brotherhood is dedicated to the eradication of Cthulu and his own minions. This brotherhood shares the paranoia of its patron, and its member keep their true names hidden from all non-faithful and each other.

Current Sketch: The Nameless Ones strive to over throw the power of Cthulu, and have been known to secretly aid the Valiants {without revealing themselves} in their fights with the minions of Cthulu. The Unnamable has been slowing building the power of the Nameless Ones and has been sending cabalists across the planes in search of other power-hungry magelings to join their cult. They are known to have their own school somewhere near Hali, but its exact location remains a mystery. Within this complex, there is a portal to the elemental plane of air; the Nameless Ones use this portal to bring forth native creatures to aid them with their struggles against the Cult of Cthulu.

Unknown to the Unnamable, the spirit of the hapless mage whose body she possesses still lingers, existing on the fringes as a specter. She continually seeks the Unnamable in hopes of somehow regaining her body. If the Cult of Cthulu ever learns of this fact, they would try to locate or bind this spirit, to bend her to their will so she could precipitate the downfall of the Nameless Ones.

Role-playing Notes: The Nameless Ones wear robes in whatever fashion they choose. The one common element is the fact that they are mildly enchanted so that they may, at will, appear as if they are constantly whipping about in a strong wind. This has no effect on their abilities or game play, it is merely a manner in which they may recognize each other or appear more fearsome. In addition to the normal spell selection of a cabalist, the Nameless Ones also favor spells from elemental air. When the inevitable insanity strikes them, they are plagued with paranoid delusions and extreme schizophrenia.

Weapon Proficiencies: For the small bladed weapon requirement of the cabalist class, the Nameless Ones use knives that are balanced for throwing. One of the first power rituals performed by the cabalist is a minor one, enchanting their knives to enable them to return to their grasp after being thrown.

Familiars: Once a Nameless Ones achieves 10th level, the Unnamable grants them ownership of a byakhee as their own. Underlings can be granted minor air elementals such as a permanent dust devil, aerial servants, invisible stalkers, or any other creature native to the elemental plane of air.

Magic Items: Like all cabalists the Nameless Ones create magic items unique to their cabal. The fabrication process involves a power ritual designed through research, but the exact details and needed spells are up to the DM. Like all power rituals, it must be an involved process and may perhaps require an epic adventure.

Knives of Fury: These knives are made from mithril and inlayed with a small sapphire in the hilt. The power ritual shouldn’t be too difficult, but involves summoning cold winds from the north, and warm winds from the south, which in turn cause a great thunder and lightning storm. The cabalist should end the ritual with lightning bolts striking the knives.

If successful, this will yield 1d4+1 such knives; each functions once as javelins of lightning.

Ring of Change: These rings are made from iron ore taken from a slain earth elemental and inlayed with an iron-crystal lattice that formed on a meteorite as it burned on atmospheric entry. The power ritual must be performed during a hurricane or typhoon, and includes the sacrifice of a cleric of Cthulu. If all is successful the cabalist can use the ring to polymorph into a byakhee once per day {and back}, achieving all the creatures strength and powers. Duration is unlimited, until the cabalist chooses to return to his own form.

Talisman of Hastur: This is an article of jewelry fashioned from any type of mineral; as long as the mineral was used in a statue or idol of Cthulu that was destroyed by any wind source, be it tornado, hurricane or magically summoned wind. The power ritual must contain the ritualistic sacrifice of Deep Ones and be performed on a night sacred to Hastur. If successful the talisman will surround the wearer with a 5' globe of breathable air whenever needed. Against gaseous attacks it provides a +2 bonus to saving throws and such attacks are at half their normal power. Also, once per day the globe of air can create strong gusts of wind centered on the caster. It protects as a Protection from Normal Missiles spell cast at 6th level of ability.