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The Disciples of Discord

"Messenger of fear in sight,
Dark deception kills the light..."

"Crawling chaos underground,
Cult has summoned twisted sound..."
The Thing That Should Not Be...Metallica

History: The Disciples of Discord have worshipped Nyarlathotep for ages untold. It is said {among his followers} that Nyarlathotep crawled out of the primordial soup of the planes and created the multiverse with random acts of chaos that precipitated all creation. The facts are that Nyarlathotep was once as powerful as the other Old Ones, but sometime before the Paring, he was defeated by Yog-Sothoth and was reduced to demigod status. To survive, he made a pact with the other Old Ones; in exchange for cessation of hostilities, he would act henceforth as their messenger. Since he was a herald for the Old Ones, his followers didn't suffer as many casualties as the other cults during the godwars. In an attempt to gain more power quietly, Nyarlathotep communed with a follower through dreams, encouraging him to start a cult in his name with the promise of advancement through the ranks to the status of the other lords of the day, the Ren-shal. During the godwars this cabal served as messengers for the different armies while secretly causing chaos and discord among the ranks, all for the greater glory of Nyarlathotep. In time this cult, under the guidance of the newly anointed Ren-shal, began to rise in power and reputation among the ranks of the other cabalistic brotherhoods. During a skirmish between the forces of Cthulu and Hastur, the Ren-shal known as the Messenger was attacked by a wing of byakhee and was unable to deliver an important message to the forces of Cthulu. Consequently, Cthulu believed Nyarlathotep was siding with Hastur, and in turn ordered his minions to eradicate the forces of Nyarlathotep. All that remained of The Disciples of Discord was the Messenger and a handful of followers hidden in a pyramid complex deep in the Great Desert. When the forces of Cthulu, lead by the Hunter, attacked Hastur in Hali, the Messenger observed from afar with interest. After he saw what the Hunter and the other cabalists of Cthulu did to Hastur, he knew that with the Necronomicon, the cabalists were powerful enough to challenge any of the Old Ones, something he knew Cthulu wouldn't allow. He alone realized that Cthulu used his mortal followers to remove Hastur, and now they where useless to him. The Messenger tried to warn the other Ren-shal's and convince them to side with Nyarlathotep, believing that joined together they might crush Cthulu himself forever and rise to a new order in all of Arkaela.
Needless to say, the Messenger was the first Tanu mage blasted into oblivion on the night of the Paring. In the new age, it was the rogue Ren-shal's that resurrected the Messenger, in hope that his knowledge of the Paring and his great cunning would sway other Ren-shal's into joining with the rogues.

Current Sketch: The Messenger has retreated to his pyramid deep in the great desert and has left the bickering to the rogues and Ren-shal leaders of the various cabals. He continues to serve Nyarlathotep faithfully and has begun to attract others bent on chaos to join the Disciples of Discord. They currently have once again taken on the role of messengers for the other cabals and are on neutral terms with most of them. There is an animosity held for the followers of Yog-Sothoth and for the highly disciplined Valiants, and it is with these groups they openly fight. Secretly they have buried the hatchet with the Cult of Cthulu and have loaned the Cult a crack squad of Disciples to create strife and discord amongst the Valiants during the next Grand Combat. As worshippers of the forces of chaos, the Disciples of Discord have been attracting rogue Githzerai mages from Limbo into their ranks.

Role-playing Notes: Members of the Disciples are very chaotic in nature, therefore they must be chaotic neutral or chaotic evil in alignment. The Messenger is a great thinker, prefering to use his cunning and reason to thwart his foes, and so he encourages meditation and trickery among his followers, to hone their minds as hidden weapons.

Whenever possible Disciples will spread chaos and anarchy wherever they may. When insanity strikes them it is most ironically a compulsive disorder that deals with an unyielding structure in something; more infrequently, other maladies include kleptomania and compulsive lying. Members of the Disciples thrive on collecting magic items of a random nature such as wands of wonder, bags of beans, or pouches of many things. Due to their chaotic nature and githzerai wild mage follower, the Disciples of Discord may learn and use wild magic. In this vein, in addition to the normal races allowed for the cabalist class, Disciples of Discord may be of the Githzerai race. Rather than the normal multi-classes available to cabalists, Disciples of Discord may opt to be a cabalist/ thief. Lastly, the Disciples are Egyptian-like in dress and preference in architecture and use a secret language of hieroglyphs for magical and mundane writings. {requires Read Languages to decipher}

Weapon Proficiencies: True to form, the Disciples of Discord use the khopesh sword for the bladed weapon requirement of the cabalist class.

Familiars: When a Disciple acquires a familiar, it is always a chaotic being, normally a native of Limbo, the Abyss, or Pandemonium and the DM should make a list to randomly role such a creature for a Disciple P.C.

Magic Items: Like all cabalists, The Disciples of Discord make magic items unique to their brotherhood. This is done through research and power rituals of the DM's devising. This is the only time a Disciple shows any sign of discipline and order, but they make up for this with chaotic and random type magic items.

Darts of Discord: These are fairly easy to make in comparison to other power rituals. A helm of opposite alignment must be used in the fabrication process. It is used to fashion the dart heads. Such a helmet provides enough materiel to fashion 5d4+5 dart heads. A power ritual is performed to enchant the dart heads with the power of primal chaos. If the power ritual is successful, the cabalist is rewarded with some very interesting darts. Anyone hit must make a saving throw vs. poison or act in a matter totally opposite of their intended way for that action{this requires DM adjucation}. Each dart may be used but once, and have no bonuses to hit or damage.

Eyes of Anarchy: These items are fashioned from the shattered glass sword of a Valiant forced to do something chaotic by a Disciple. The glass is carved into two lenses that are worn over the eyes. On the night of a randomly occurring, but significant, astrological event, the Disciple performs a power ritual that ends with the sacrifice of the Valiant. If successful, the Disciple is rewarded with a magical pair of lenses that protect with a gaze reflection spell while worn. Thrice a day the Disciple may cast a chaos spell through their gaze.

Wild Wand: These wands are fashioned from any suitable material found in a wild magic zone. The cabalist then blesses the material by traveling to a small village a causing the inhabitants to engage in a wild orgy of mass chaos and violence. He then performs a power ritual during this occurrence and if successful, a wild wand is created. Wild wands are use while combating another spell caster. When a charge is expended, it causes the rival spell caster's spell to turn into a wild magic surge. For each victim that dies in the orgy of violence caused by the Disciple, the wand receives one charge. This wand can be recharge in a like manner. DM discretion is advised here.