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The Order of the Incubus

"Hybrid children watch the sea,

Pray for father roaming free..."

The Thing That Should Not Be...Metallica

History: The Order of the Incubus is a group of cabalists dedicated to the worship of Yog-Sothoth, whose practices have earned them the hatred of every sentient being of the Arkealan crystal sphere. The Order dates back to the godwars, founded by a Tanu cleric of Yog-Sothoth named Sine'u'haasj. During the godwars, Sine'u'haasj summoned a marilith named Ellzeek'thra to serve as a general in his armies; and through her leadership he crushed the armies before him. One day he made a pact with Ellzeek'thra: he offered twenty jet stones with souls trapped within, in exchange for her to mate and produce a child to be his prodigy, and lead the cult into a new era. She took the souls and agreed. After a gestation period of six months, six days, and six hours, Ellzeek'thra gave birth to a four armed alu-demon and named her Setria. On the night of the Paring, the Cult of the Incubus was crushed along the other cabalists; but through a mistake of the minions of Cthulu, Setria was thought to be merely a summoned demon, and was banished to the Abyss.

In the millennia that followed the Paring, Setria served as a war mage in the Abyssal armies of the Blood War, where she honed her fighting skills to an artform. With the stirrings of the Old Ones, Setria has return to Arkaela to rebuild the Order of the Incubus.

Current Sketch: The Orderís main activities include the summoning of lower planar beings to mate with both female captives and Order members. The latter involves the summoning of succubi to produce alu-demons with the Orders cabalists, in hopes that they'll have magic abilities for cabalist training. The former requires the summoning of lesser and greater tanar'ri (demons). A lesser tanar'ri mating with a mortal female produces a lesser cambion, used by the order as assassins and spies. A greater tanar'ri mating with mortal females produces greater cambions, able to be trained as a cabalist, and are used to lead the lesser cambions. Regardless of type, a mortal female dies from the birthing of a cambion and is then used in the fabrication of evil dead. This kind of event is infrequent, though, as such cross-race conceptions are rarely successful. While the outer-planar members of the order are powerful, they are few in number.

Role-playing Notes: The Order of the Incubus is a very secretive order. They try to keep their presence hidden from the other cabalist and their respective groups, since many groups outside the Arkaela conflicts would attack them merely for their consorting with the tanaríri. They prepare crack squads and attack other cabalists in sudden raids, seizing all the magic they may. While other cabalists believe them to be non-existent and that Yog-Sothoth is dead, they still can't explain the disappearance of many females and the appearance of half-demons.

Weapon Proficiencies: For the small weapon requirement of the cabalist class, members of the Order use a serrated cleaver. DAM: 1d4+1 / 1d6+1; TYPE: S; SPEED: 4.

Familiars: A male member of the Order of the Incubus will usually have an Alu-demon whom he sired as a familiar. A female member of the Order will have a cambion offspring as a familiar. Due to necromantic magic of the mother cabalist, she avoids the death of the birth, sometimes having the demonling sired upon another.

Magic Items: Like the rest of their cabalistic brethren, the Order of the Incubus creates magic items unique to their order. They are fabricated through arcane research and power rituals of DM and player collaboration. It should also include some adventuring and extensive gaming.

Dead Skin Mask: A dead skin mask is made from the skinned face of some hapless victim. The cabalist performs a power ritual, which includes the sacrifice of a person to Yog-Sothoth. While the victim is still alive, the cabalist takes a small, extremely sharp knife and skins the victims face. The cabalist preserves the skin with necromantic magic and modifies it with alteration spells. If the power ritual is successful the cabalist can place the mask on themselves or others, and take on the look of the sacrificial victim. These are frequently used to place a mole deep within another cabal or to disguise an undead creature for some nefarious purpose.

Dagger of Summons: These daggers are forged from cold wrought iron originating from a meteorite. On a night containing a special planetary alignment, the cabalist performs a power ritual and etches, with acid, runes of summoning and binding from the Necronomicon. The DM should have the P.C. engage in both extensive and expensive research to learn the summoning name and symbol of a particular demon. If all is successful, the cabalist now possesses a dagger that can gate in the specific demon. Greater and true tanar'ri are the normal type of demons that are summoned. Lesser tanar'ri aren't worth the effort that it takes to fashion the dagger, for the risks are high. True tanar'ri's such as the marilith and the great balor aren't normally summoned unless the cabalist is extremely powerful, for the caster must prepare any and all binding spells himself; called demons are in no way restrained from harming the caster, and must be forced to cooperate. The same holds true for the guardian tanar'ri, the molydus. To use the dagger, the cabalist must slay a sentient being with the dagger and then call forth the demon. There is a base 25% chance the demon will answer the call, adjusted for the following cases, applied to the sacrifice in most cases:

* +1% per level of the caster.

* +1% per level or hit dice of the victim

* +10% for a alignment of good.

* -10% for an alignment of evil.

* +5% for a lawful being.

* +20% if being is a devil (baatezu).

* +10% if being is a cleric.

* +10% if being is a paladin.

* +25% if being is an upper planar native.