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Slimelords of the Black Goat

History: The Slimelords of the Black Goat are an Arkaelan order of cabalists that venerate Shub-Niggurath. Throughout the ages they have been hiding amongst the foulness of the earth, slowly gaining in power for the day when they will rise as undisputed rulers of Arkaela. Fortunately, they are chaotic being that have no real chance of ever achieving this goal. Shub-Niggurath has no problem with this; for to do so would invoke the wrath of Cthulu; thanks to their insignificance, they weren't major players in the godwars nor were they effected much during the apocalyptic times of the Paring.

A contributing factor to their annonymity is their xenophobic nature, combined with the fact that they are small in number. Accepting this as read, however, has led to the downfall of several cells within enemy cabalistic orders; while their numbers may be small, the Slimelords have moderate control over the offspring of Shub-Niggurath.

There is no ancient Ren-shal that rules over the Slimelords. The Slimelords do have contemporary leaders who claim the title of Ren-shal {always a cleric/ cabalist}, but they are fathered and appointed directly by Shub-Niggurath. When the current Ren-shal is destroyed (usually consumed by Shub-Niggurath himself), the god merely ejects a new one from his primordial ooze some time later, having absorbed much of the former leaderís knowledge into his grotesque fluid-like body and granting it to the new cabal leader. If the former Ren-Shal is slain elsewhere, it is likely the new replacement will have many gaps in his knowledge and have to start his schemes all over again.

Current Sketch: The Slimelords are busy with creating vast subterranean complexes with gates that link with the caverns beneath Mount Voormithadreth. This way, the creatures that do escape the mass of Shub-Niggurath have a chance to wander into these portals and be transported into the lairs of the Slimelords. The Slimelords are very adept at breeding various types of fungus, both normal and sentient, and all types of molds, slimes, jellies, and the like. Their caverns are filled with these, but they ignore beings allied to Shub-Niggurath. The clerics of Shub-Niggurath use their powers to create vast underdark swamps and fill them with all manner of foulness. The swamps are havens for the above said creatures, as well as acting as safe havens for undead creation and ritual events. On an important note: a drow cabalist native to Faerun has imported creatures know as "deepspawns". These creatures have the uncanny ability to give birth to any living thing that it has devoured. P.C.'s that adventure in these caverns should be prepared to encounter just about anything, including creatures they wouldn't expect to see in an underdark ecology.

Role-playing Notes: Slimelords are nasty individuals, all other things aside, for they have no use for cleanliness. Their robes are thick with parasites and molds and they are immune to any effect that these creatures may have. Slimelords study venom and natural poisonous secretions and use alchemy skills to manufacture injected type poisons from them. Spellwise, they have the normal abilities of cabalists but favor spells of elemental earth and types with acidic effects. They also seek to acquire magic items that duplicate such magics. They will always fill a proficiency slot with some skill related to alchemy or poison.

Weapon Proficiencies: For the small bladed weapon requirement, the Slimelords use a piercing weapon of their own devising. It has a long slim blade that is hollow in the middle (like the fangs of a rattlesnake). In the pommel, there is a refillable bladder-like sack that is capable of holding prepared poisons. On the top of the pommel, is a button that releases a spring that puts pressure on the bladder and ejects the poison from the tip of the blade. It is essentially a mechanical Dagger of Venom with a single dosage use. Victims must make a saving throw vs. poison or suffer the effects of whatever type of poison is stored in the bladder. Reload time is one full turn.

Venom Blade: SPD: 2 TYPE: P DAM: 1d4/ 1d4 + poison

Familiars: Slimelords usually attract familiars of a filthy nature, just like themselves. Intelligent slimes, ooze mephitis, troglodytes, mudmen, things of similar disposition. DM's are encouraged to make a list of possible candidates.

Magic Items: Like all cabalists, Slimelords fabricate magic item unique to their order just like all other cabalistic brotherhoods. These are done through research and power rituals. It is very expensive and time consuming. DM's should tailor their own requirements for a P.C. to fashion their own.

Seeds of Summons: These are made from large stones of amber. One of the requirement is the cabalist must have a vial of Shub-Niggurath's primordial ooze. The cabalists then performs a power ritual, and if successful the seed made be used to summon 1d4+1 faithful ooze mephits.