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Range: 6" radius

Strength cost: Special

Duration: Special

Saving Throw: Neg.

This discipline is similar to Domination, but its effects are far more powerful. It is usually only seen in powerful Tanu Psionicists, or embedded in items of Tanu origin.

To Coerce normal individuals, the psionic expends one strength point for each hit dice of creature to be affected, as long as all victims are in the 6" range. The psionic may affect a total number of hit dice equal to the number of mastery levels he has, cumulative, ie. 1+2= 3HD at second level, 1+2+3= 6HD at third level, etc. Each victim gets a save vs. magic, and if it is successful, they are unaffected. If they fail, they will obey any commands the psionic gives. Furthermore, if the number of levels the psionic can effect are more than 5 times the hit dice of the victim[s]ís total, all saves are at -4. If the total is 10 times greater, saves are at -10, and any magical protection {rings, etc.} is negated.

This Discipline also allows a dominating attack on beings protected by a Mind Bar. The psionic expends points equal to the victimís combined Intelligence/Wisdom, and if the victim fails his save, his Mind Bar is shattered, and he must immediatedly make another save at -4 or be Coerced. If this second save is made, they are still vulnerable to attack next round, as an unprotected individual. This form of Coercion may only be made on a single target, but can affect the victim as long as their Wisdom does not exceed the attackerís.

Once the victim has succumed to the psionicís will, the victor may either implant a suggestion as the spell, or he may maintain control for as long as he wishes provided he expend strength points equal to the victimís HD each round. Or, at a cost of 10 points, he may deal a "coercive crush", which will leave the victim stunned and insensible for a number of rounds equal to the psionicís mastery level.