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My thanks for the Star Wars to Spelljammer
Star Wars Ships conversion by Steve Swenson , who receives kudos for his excellent work. Until now I had no real way of describing in game terms the attributes of this captured capital ship.

Imperial Class  -- Star Destroyer
The Dimensional Vengeance
Built by: Kuat Drive Systems
Used primarily by: Tanu Military
Tonnage: 2,400,000 tons
HullPoints: 1500
Crew: 5000/16000
Manuver Class: F
Landing Land : no
Landing Water: no
Armor Rating: 3
Shields: 3A
Saves as: metal +7
Power Type:  Main and secondary Hyperdrives destroyed
             1 Emergency Hyperdrive unit {semifunctional}

Ship's Rating : 1 {Tactical}
   Spelljamming speeds no longer possible

Breakdown Rating: 4

Standard Armament:
         60 Laser III cannon   20 Fire Arc : P
                               20 Fire Arc : S
                               20 Fire Arc : F

         60 Ion Cannon         20 Fire Arc: F
                               15 Fire arc: S
                               15 Fire Arc: P
                               10 Fire Arc: R

         10 Tractor Beam      6 Fire Arc: F     
                              2 Fire Arc: fp,P 
                              2 Fire Arc: Fs,S
      Passive  50 hex
      Scan    100 hex
      Search  200 hex
      Focus     6 Hex

Cargo: 3600 SJ tons

Keel Length:  4800ft
Beam Length:  1600ft (30 Decks)

Operating Time: 4 years food, water,air, fuel. (1 month if life supports
systems down)
~~~ This vessel, like many StarDestroyer derivatives, house their Sensors, Shield generators, and tractor beams in Two armored towers (20 Hull points each). If both are lost these systems are destroyed.

This ship was originally equipped with a Hyperdrive unit that allowed it to enter the flow from any point in a sphere and travel through the sphere to any other point. The Hyperdrives were destroyed when Andraxas attempted to jump the craft directly from the Emperor's sphere to Arkaelaspace and bypass the Flow entirely. Though successful with a carelessly-worded Wish, the resultant explosion gutted the rear of the ship, cascading into the secondary drives and damaging the Emergency engines as well. Almost all the small attack craft and Walkers, as well as most of the clone crew, were also lost. The Shield Generators are wholly unreliable as well, though the weapons continued to function occasionally. The magical nature of the sphere has caused the rapid permanent breakdown of most techno-devices, and for the most part technical items have been replaced with magical or mundane counterparts. The interior has been rebuilt with Tanu glass, and now spelljamming craft lay in the docking bay as fighter vessels, or for repair in drydock. The ship is essentially stationary, though tactical speeds are possible. It remains an orbital weapons platform above the Secret Lands, warding the base at Argallus, or moving elsewhere around the planet where needed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If the remaining Hypdrive battery is drained it takes the onboard engines 2 days to restore 1 unit of power to the battery. The battery can allow 1/2 Spelljamming speed for 50 weeks before draining all power. This ship may assign enginneering crew to make repairs. The ship carries enough material to repair major systems 100 times. Minor or auxillary systems may be patched or repaired any number of times. Additional material can be acquired from asteroids at a rate of 1 system/month or from an earth-like world 1 system/week. --------------------------------- DM's note: While this ship was never really used in our campaigns, other than for an orbiting repair facility and for dissembling the Batship for duplication, it remained as a trophy of an early adventure that nearly spelled the ending of the Three Dark Gods while they were still Demipowers. Others who wish to use Arkaela in their campaigns may of course ignore its presence.