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Parts of these locations have been left blank for individual DM variation.




Located in the Dwarven district of the Fortress of Controlling Power, the Tanu Enclave is the Arkaelic center of operations in that crystal sphere. Built upon an old stone warehouse, the enclave has been reconstructed in full Arkaelic architecture. The original two stories are covered with pale blue stucco, and the added floors are of Tanu glass blocks. All reflect the Tanu penchant for non-Euclidean structures, with strange angles and extrusions everywhere.

Ground Floor

1 - Entry hall, manned by guards at all times. Room 2 to the south is an office for the handling of outsiders seeking information or interviews.

Guards ->

3 - This large vaulted chamber is the open temple of Andraxas. Commoners come here for worship; the room is full of pews and cushions. The altar sits at the steps of the sacrificial fire pit, which is kept permanently ablaze. A 10' black glass statue of the god stands within the pit, studded with small gems. Worshippers throw written prayers or items for sacrifice into the fire during mass.

3A - This is the dais of Heroes. All statues are lifelike, cast in red glass. Tandrax stands in the front, his left hand clasping Abbadon's shoulder. Arrayed behind them are {from left}, Pallas, Vespasian, Illiana, and Flavius, in heroic attitudes. The wall behind is a bas-relief of Doom's Gate with figures in the foreground, including Magnus, Sir Resin, Drax and Dorgon, Darklord, and several others, plus an few unshaped outlines for future heroes.

4 - The secret door in the mural opens into this dark chamber.

5 - These are the High Priest's personal offices.


1 - This dry chamber houses boxes and barrels of food. Cunning dwarven brickwork conceals the secret door. It is also locked {-40% to pick} and warded.


2 - This is the secret temple vault.

Treasure is kept in locked chests.




3 - The second secret door, leading to this chamber, cannot be opened unless the first is closed and relocked. Only then can the heavy stone slab {175 hps to destroy} be pivoted away. The tunnel is carved in bas-relief, showing the bondage of the Tanu under the Cthulan gods, culminating in their liberation by Andraxas. The dark, angular room beyond is the second, secret temple, where intense communion and live sacrifice occur. In the western niche, another statue of Andraxas, cast in glass but with colored sands added for lifelike portraiture, sits upon a marble throne, flanked by two ever-lit braziers. The statue's black armor is made of plates of obsidian {108 pieces worth 10,500 GP total}, and its girdle, helm and right fist are cast in solid silver {1000 GP each in value and weight}. The walls are covered in bizarre Tanu architecture, and the ceiling is a solid blanket of black glass spikes. When the god speaks from the statue, these spikes glow furnace-hot, though the room's temperature remains bearable.

On the north wall is a tall arch of volcanic stone, covered with 1000 raised runes, which seems to lead nowhere.



4 - This secret tunnel was begun by the building's original inhabitants.

2nd Floor

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 -

7 & 8 -

3rd Floor

1 - This level and those above are the recent Tanu additions to the original building. They appear to be made of large, blocky shapes joined with flowing, parabolic seams. All windows are inverted triangles. The Rampart {see below} projects upward and screens the entire north side from view. The central area is a large, open courtyard, its surface covered with seven inches of native Tanu soil, and dotted with Arkaelic plantlife {some are actively carnivorous}. A circle of tiles lies at the center, displaying the winged-skull emblem.2-A - This is the first level of the High Priest's tower. A spiral stair in one corner leads upward. The ceiling here is 12' high.

3-B - This is the first level of the visitor's tower. Distinguished guests reside here when visiting the enclave. A spiral stair in one corner leads upward. The ceiling here is an airy 25' high. A sleeping loft hangs above the doorway, but there is no ladder.

4th Floor

1-A - The second level of the High Priest's tower. A stout glass door opens onto the Rampart.

2-B - The second level of the visitor's tower. A stout glass door opens onto the Rampart.

3 - The Rampart connects the two towers and provides the enclave with some Tanu-style defense and grandeur. It is 15 feet above the courtyard where it meets the High Priest's tower, sloping upward to 28 feet at the visitor's tower. Its walkway is a series of level terraces, and the outer wall is dotted with spiral crenelations. Those firing weapons into the street below receive +6 to AC for complete cover.

5th Floor

1-A - Top chamber of the High Priest's tower. A ladder and trap door leads to the hollow, peaked roof {Attic}.

2-B - Top chamber of the visitor's tower. The spiral stair leads to the concealed Heavy Catapult turret hidden within the fold-out peaked roof. The tower's dome opens like a flower on cunning gnomish spring-hinges to reveal the weapon, which can fire in any direction.