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Standard Divine Abilities

Numbers indicate number of uses per day; those unmarked are usable At will:

Astral/Ethereal travel

Comprehend languages

Continual light/dark

Cure/Cause blindness, deafness, disease, feeblemind, insanity

Detect charm, traps, evil/good, illusion, magic, lies, invisibility



Know alignment


Mirror image

Polymorph self

Read languages/magic

Teleport, no error


Demigod Powers:

Antimagic shell (1)

Command, 2 rounds

Cure light wounds (3)

Dispel evil/good, magic, illusion (2 ea.)

Finger of Death

Gate (1)

Heal (1)

Unholy word (1)

Invisibility/Phantasmal force

Limited Wish (1)

Protection from good/evil, 10' r.

Raise Dead (3)

Remove fear

Summon, 20 HD, max 2 beings

Symbol (1)

True seeing (2)

Wall of Force