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AD&D Links

After a few requests, I've decided to create a links exchange page. Below you'll find links to role-paying web sites from all around the web. Not only are they of above average quality and of great interest for AD&D gamers and DM's, but, they have the added polish of having a reciprocal link to the World of Arkaela on them somewhere. :)

If you want to exchange links for your AD&D-related site, please email me at NOSPAM! with your information. I'm particularly interested in sites with their own banners {I'll be listing them first here}, but will gladly link to any site having to do with AD&D. All you have to do is display the Arkaela banner-link somewhere on your site too. Let loose the pigeons in my direction and get your site listed!

A final note: I do not check these links for validity any longer, there are simply too many of them to go through easily on a regular basis, so forgive me if they are no longer active. They remain as a tribute to good things gone by.

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Beyond the Moons: the Spelljammer Seeker's Archive is your first stop in a quest for Spelljammer information on the web. This is the official Worldsite recognized by the Wizards of the Coast, and contains both canon game info and links to long-running fan-sites which hold a plethora of other stuff for starting a spelljammer campaign. Alot of info from the spelljammer mailing list is to be found here too, so please support our efforts to get Spelljammer republished!

Planet AD&D - The first website I've actually allied with, I have watched this site grow from its inception to a blooming garden of nearly anything you might need for AD&D gaming, in both 2nd edition and 3rd edition flavors. Aside from a minutely detailed gameworld [the web-famous Vastonia] you can download whole, there is a plethora of submitted and original material for any AD&D campaign. DMs and Players alike will find stuff that will either serve or entertain them here, from useful apps to buffoonery, MP3s, purchaseable products, netbooks and more, all catering specifically to AD&D. Get ready to spend some time exploring this particular planet.

RPG Host is a ~gigantic~ center for Role-playing needs, for just about any game system there is. They have an extensive library of AD&D resources, links, and more, even free webspace for role-playing sites. If you're looking for it, you'll probably be able to find it here.

Lord Hannible's Realms of Chaos - This guy is one of the MOST prolific web-makers I've yet seen [prolly why it takes him eternity to answer his emails *c*], and this site is his biggest, and it's all him, baby. Very dark, full of info on all sorts of gothic and gaming related stuff, more than you can comfortably shake a gnawed leg-bone at. However, it's graphic- and java-intensive, so, those with weak hearts [and browsers] should go hide under their beds.

Maidenheim - Have you ever wanted to play an Amazon-style character? But you needed a really detailed background for them, a handle on what kind of civilization, exactly, an Amazonian player-character might be from? Look no more! Maidenheim is an intricate, highly useful game world based on the Amazon creed. How women took the reigns of power, what different Amazon civilizations might look like, what happened to the men.. it's all here. There is even going to be a section for spelljammers, including new ships, space navies and sphere overview... but we have to wait for that, alas. Go look!

Tales of Atlantis - Sardonyx's site is a great source for Anime and Manga RPG stuff! A growing collection of fanfiction, manga discussion, and alot of artwork, this site also has the added benefit of some serious eye-candy... even the little animated manga figures you find scattered around the site are great. This is also the first site I've ever encountered that has it's own Easter Egg stashed somewhere! A must-see for gamers and fans of those doe-eyed anime characters.

Le Monde de Velindal/The World of Velindal - A really interesting French/English site with a well-developed world useful not only as a D&D setting, but with enough fantasy/technology thrown in to be adaptable to some of the more futuristic D20 game settings available now. In the words of the website owner, "A third and second edition AD&D website which mainly talks about Velindal, my world! There are all kind of useful things on it! Enjoy yourself! French and english language!" Like he says, enjoy!

Ant's AD&D Stuff - A growing collection of downloadable adventures and seeds, spells, and lots more new stuff, updated often. Ant seems to be working on adding frames to the site [a tough thing for a Geocities page], but there's alot of info here.

The Dark Library

The Dark Library is a visually-pleasing site containing many, many sources of info for your games. Links, modules, programs, and a great netbook collection are but a start; there's also a number of ways to promote your own site here with link and banner exchanges. Many links to follow for what you need, and it's just a good-looking, all-around informative site. Note: Currently missing in action. - Along with a huge load of gaming resources to read and download, this site has the unique benefit of acting as a freelance fiction-writer datebase, in case you're a publisher looking for an artist to write for you! Neat. They also offer stuff for gamers and GMs across many many gaming genres, bookstore links, banner exchange, etc. This site is still new [as of 6/27/2K], and they're looking for more staff people. Go take a look!

The RPG Finder - what a great idea: a huge, searchable message forum for RPG players and GM's, where you can find people in the US, state-by-state, and now around the world, who are looking to join active gaming groups, or who are looking for players to join their games. They have a banner & link exchange as well, and other info & features.

Realm of the Lichlord Nexus - Nexus is building himself a large collection of Necromantic AD&D material, including new spells, items, and beasts for necromancers everywhere. He also has links to other AD&D subject realms, and great graphics, too. Nexus is, by the way, author of the Cabalist class and the new Arkaelan beasties known as the Evil Dead. Get you thence!

The Inn of the Unsober Leprechauns - Just the place you want to stop! My buddy Thristlepaw has portals to every AD&D world, and links to other RPG-related sites. Still under construction, a graphically-pleasant site at whose doors you can find information on all things D&D. Stop there for a drink, but keep your hand on your shiny baubles.. you know about kenders, right?

Slane's AD&D Archives - A new addition to my links, Slane's stuff deals with mostly 3e, all of it his personal collection of years of 2e material all converted for modern edition use! Still under construction, Slane is also looking for other fans' submissions, so if you have stuff of your own you want showcased, contact him on the site!

Wowee RPG Directory

This is a full function Search engine designed to find RPG-related resources on the web. It's a new-but-growing database for all RPG games, and their AD&D lists are by far their largest asset. Enter your search query directly in the window to search right from here!

The RPG Archive is another time-tested resource for finding role-play-oriented content on the web. There's a large database of people's sites here, both private and commercial, and you can search by subject, keyword, or even what server the site is on. They keep up on their links, and even list ones that seem dead. Another excellent place to list your own site for more exposure, though the admission method's a little slow {Eclipse is a busy guy!}. A very organised, reliable and visually pleasing site.

Shadows Over Paylen - An Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting
An Epic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Shadows over Paylen is a huge original campaign setting for AD&D... I haven't even begun to look at all the info presented there. Maps and history, pantheons, races, magic items.. there's just too much! Not even including all the Netbooks, charts, and things available for download. All I can say is: wow.

Pay attention to this one. The City of Grimspear is one of the most visually impressive AD&D world-sites I've seen on the web. First, for AD&D DMs, it's a complete, floating city off the Sword Coast that offers excellent adventure hooks [or just a wild place to party] for your players. It's a great in-game nexus for adventurers from Forgotten Realms, Planescape, or Spelljammer campaigns. Equally important though, it's just one of the most ass-kicking eye-candy sites. Even if you don't use any of it, go there and take a look around. The gorgeous original artwork doubles as navigation. Just go there already!

The Empire of Galovinius - Another veteran website dedicated to a home-grown campaign world, the Empire is an extensive source of info for this complete AD&D gaming environment. Gods, factions, maps, characters - it's got it all, plus a number of useful downloads {including its own sourcebook} for DMs and Players alike! Even Gary Gygax loves this site! There are also links pages and an award program for your own RP sites.

the AD&D Temple - currently missing in action!

The RPG League - Although I've applied several times, the guys running this site seem to never get around to adding me. That being the case, I'll just mention them here, but as soon as they add us, I'll offer a description.

Fantasyhoo - OK, it's not Yahoo, it's Fantasyhoo! A database of gaming websites from many, many different catagories, this site allows you to get rated while you get exposure! One of the site-masters reviews your site in three different catagories, and the scores are shown along with your listing. Nearly 800 sites listed so far.

The AD&D Hall of Heroes is a new idea: essentially a place to showcase your D&D characters for all the world to see. If you've got AD&D stats for a charater who's your pride and joy, go get listed! For DM's this is the place to go harvest ready-to-use NPC's, which can be searched for by Level, Class, Race, or via one of three award designations. Just browse, and toss pre-developed formidable foes at your Players!

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SUZAIL, the City of Ivory - Suzail's homepage is a rollicking-huge web-based Forgotten Relams city offering adventuring ideas for DMs, although Suzail claims it's actually not AD&D specific. There is a massive area to navigate here, still under construction, and readers are enticed to contribute ideas for the City sections still not detailed. Alot of ideas for side-treks are available in the many detailed city areas, because almost every single building and spot inside Suzail is described, even with their own maps! Tons of artwork, downloadable maps, and pleasant images both original and from the canon books!

Check out Darksword Space, a spelljammer site that's home to the Company of the S.W.O.R.D & S.A.B.R.E. This site is still under construction, but has its own campaign sphere and artwork. More importantly, it's the soon-to-be home of the Spelljammer Netbook!

Also see Enbohr's Page of Advanced Dungeon & Dragons for more original items and other AD&D stuff. It's still under construction too.

More to come, send them in!