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These psionic powers, mentioned in the World of Arkaela, are derived from those introduced in the Dragon Magazineä issue for October 1983in an article by Arthur Collins. They are recommended for Tanu characters used in conjunction with other game suppliments for an Arkaela campaign.




(Psychokinetic Devotion)

MTAC0: 8 (base)

PSP Cost: 1/1

Range: 3"

Area of Effect: Special

Prerequisite: None

This Devotion allows the user to duplicate the effects of the spells faerie fire, dancing lights, and light. The actual light effect produced is customizable by the creator in terms of color. Tanu may include an ultraviolet version. The initial cost for the conjuring lasts one turn, and each maintenance point spent lasts equally as long. A variant of this exercize called hand-fire produces a dancing lights-style ball of light in the creator's hand, which, once conjured, may be controled or moved by any psionic at a cost of 1 pt./round. Extinguishing light from this devotion before its expiration costs 5 points if the extinguisher is not the creator of the effect, and psionic contests may be fought for control of the light. Another use of this devotion allows the user to ignite candles {but no other flammable item} at a cost of 1 point for each pair of candles, rounded up.



(Telepathic Devotion)

MTHAC0: 8 (base)

PSP Cost: 5/special

Range: 3"

Area of Effect: Special

Prerequisite: None

The basic form of this devotion is the simple psionic-to-psionic telepathy that can be shared by up to 6 individuals. Only the initiator need spend the 5 points/round to commence and maintain the contact with all involved, but all participants must spend 1 point/round after this to remain in the conversation. This assumes all are within arm's length of each other; otherwise, all costs are doubled. Basic Rapport cannot be established with non-psionic creatures, unless they are under the influence of a psionic-imitative spell power. Memories may be shared with this devotion.

Beyond this basic level, Rapport evolves into more complex skills as the psionic rises in level. These powers are cumulative, as the psionic advances in level after first acquiring this devotion. With the exeption of basic Rapport, only one individual may be affected by these further powers:

After 2 levels: Rapid Sharing - The amount of information passing between individuals is four times more rapid. Thus, a four-round communication will take only one round of time.

Three levels: Detect Lie - as the spell, saving throw applies.

Four levels: Mind Scan - This usage allows a superficial check of surface thoughts, motives, and intentions. Saving throw applies to negate.

Five levels: Very Rapid Sharing - As above, but the compression level is now at ten times that of basic Rapport. A full turn's conversation or sharing can occur in a single round of time.

Six levels: Undetectable Lie - All listeners in range receive a save at -2 to disbelieve the user's utterance of that round.

Seven levels: Group Detect Lie - Up to four individuals may be scanned simultaneously; saves are normal for four, at -1 for three, -2 for two, and at -3 for a single individual.

Eight levels: Mind Probe - An intensive probe of an individual's mind, even if the recipient is unwilling; saving throw or other applicable protection negates.


Mental Surgery

(Telepathic Science)

MTHAC0: 10 (base)

PSP Cost: Special

Range: Touch in all applications

Area of Effect: Special

Prerequisite: Mindlink

Differing from Psychic Surgery, this Science allows the user to reach into another's mind to alter it's contents or heal it of an affliction. The user may also perform any of its functions on himself. The scope of the Science's power increases cumulatively as the psionic rises in levels after acquiring this discipline, as follows:

Initial: Dispel Exhaustion - as the 4th level spell. There is no Haste function, and the cost is 10 psp's.

Two levels: Inhibition - Plants a behavior pattern in the individual, which requires a saving throw at each potential occurance to overcome. Cost is 20 psp's per week the effect is to last.

Three levels: Read Deep Memories - An invasive form of Rapport, this function allows examination of the subject's general recollections, reaching backward into their past at a cost of 10 psp's per month of time, per separate incident/subject. Major life-events from the past {beyond one year} can be scanned, but this only yields sketchy information at a cost of 20 psp's per unit in years of time. Further detailed examination {ie., precise conversations or memories as experienced by the subject}, or memories shielded by protections, emotional blocks, etc., may be rooted for at a cost of 50 psp's above and beyond the above costs, and this depth of scan may only be attempted once per day by the psionic. In any case, the subject of this Science is completely unaware of what is occuring. A save indicates successful resistance only.

Four levels: Adjust Memories - Can force the subject to recall or forget a specific incident, or can construct a believable false memory. Costs are the same as Read Deep Memories.

Five levels: Feeblemind - As the spell, cost is 30 psp's.

Six levels: Cure Insanity or Feeblemind - A permanent remedy at a cost of 40 psp's.

Seven levels: Cure Psychic Wound - Effectively cures the loss of abilities caused by damaging psychic combat or deletrious psionic effects. Cost is 50 psp's, no save is required.

Eight levels: Trigger - Places a psychic "deadman switch" in the subject's mind, so that if it is tampered with by specified psionic or magical means, the person will either suffer feeblemindedness or death {as desired by the Science's user}. Cost is 70 psp's, with an effective duration of one year.



(Psychokinetic Science)

MAC: 7 (base)

PSP Cost: 50 plus special

Range: 0

Area of Effect: 10' radius sphere

Prerequisite: None

Of the various kinds of psychokinetic shielding, this is the most powerful. It creates a selectively impervious permanent barrier, either around the user in the shape of a full sphere, or within the confines of a room of less than 20'x20'x20' in dimension. Possessors of the very rare wards major matrix item allow an extension of the Wards' protection.

Up to four psionic creatures may contribute to the Ward if the user allows, when the Science is applied. They may all contribute 50 psp's on invocation, in which case the radius of the effect may be increased another 5' for each involved. If all contributors possess this Science, the effect's radius extends 10' for each. It is an either/or proposition, though; the crowd cannot be mixed.

Once the Ward is invoked, it may only be opened from the inside, at a cost of 20 psp's per being allowed to pass. It is otherwise a permanent effect, though the directing invoker may cancel it at will at any time, at any range {on the same plane}, at no cost in points. Otherwise, the Ward acts as a selective, spherical Wall of Force in all respects; that is, no spell, power, or physical object may pass its boundaries unless keyed by the invoker. It cannot be moved, crushed, or compressed in shape except by the consent of its creator. It can be broken, however, by a single, deliberate application of three times the psp's used in its creation {ie., a single-user Ward would require 150 psp's to bring down, all at a single attack; a four-man Ward would require 600 points!}. It will also resist as many hit points of physical damage, respectively, all applied in a single round of attacks, before springing back to full effectiveness the very next round. There are also rare magic items which might destroy a Ward {ie., a Rod of Absorbtion, and various artifacts of similar mein}.

Interior sound does not penetrate the Ward; nor can clairaudience, clairvoyance, crystal balls or other snooping devices or psionics penetrate its protection. Those within can see & hear out as if it did not exist. Its outer surface presents a shimmering mirror-finish to the outside world.