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Samhein’s Spellbook for the Farthest Star PBeM campaign:

Spells marked in bold are those found in the Spellbook of Daimos; those in normal text are spells Samhein has added to his book during his adventures; spells marked with an asterisk are unique spells detailed below.

1st: cantrip, armor, burning hands, charm person, chromatic orb, comprehend languages, detect magic, feather fall, find familiar, hold portal, identify, light, jump, magic missile, message, Nystul’s magic aura, protection from evil, read magic, shield, shocking grasp, sleep, spider climb, unseen servant, wizard mark, write

2nd: bind, continual light, darkness 15’ radius, detect evil, detect invisibility, hovering skull*, invisibility, knock, levitate, mirror image, rope trick, vocalize, web, wizard lock

3rd: dispel magic, explosive runes, feign death, fireball, haste, hold person, lightning bolt, monster summoning I*, phantasmal force, protection from evil 10’ radius, protection from normal missiles, sepia snake sigil, slow, suggestion

4th: confusion, fear , fire shield, fire trap, magic mirror, polymorph self, polymorph other, Rary’s mnemonic enhancer, remove curse, stoneskin, wall of fire

5th: animate dead, cloudkill, cone of cold, feeblemind, flame shroud*, hold monster, Leomund’s secret chest, teleport, wall of force, watchwere*

6th: antimagic shell, contingency, disintegrate, geas, globe of invulnerability, move earth, Otiluke’s freezing sphere, reincarnation, repulsion, stone to flesh, Tenser’s transformation


Spells above 6th level are not yet usable by Samhein, but he has the following formulae:


7th: Bigby’s grasping hand, delayed blast fireball, duo-dimension, power word Stun, vanish, volley

8th: great shout*, incendiary cloud, mind blank, permanency

9th: astral spell, gate, imprisonment


New spells:

Monster Summoning I, modified: 75% chance to summon a desired creature type if the caster concentrates. Casting time is a full round.


Hovering Skull {Invocation}

Source: Sir Resin

Level: 2 MU

Range: 6"/lvl

Duration: 2 rounds/lvl

Area of Effect: special

Components: v,s

Casting time: 1 Round

Saving Throw: None

This spell calls up a spectral human skull which moves at the will of the caster, acting as a far-vision device. The skull moves 30’/rd to the maximum range allowed by its duration and speed, and acts as a Clairvoyance spell in other respects. The skull can also attack {bite} with the THACO of the casting MU for 1-6 hp, and has his armor class, but only 3 hp. While any area-of effect spell against such intrusion will stop it, it will function within an area warded only by a ‘wall’ of such resistance provided it can find a way inside without being dispelled {for example, if the caster could maneuver it around a Prismatic Wall, it could send information back; a Prismatic Sphere would be un-passable to a hovering Skull because it provides no opening.}


Flame Shroud

Source: Daimos Greystar

Level: 5 MU

Range: 2"

Duration: Special.

Area of Effect: 1 creature

Components: v,s,m

Casting time: 5 seg

Saving Throw: Special

Target creature must save at -4 or be covered by an aura of raging flame for 2-12 hp/round; flammable material on their person {ie. paper, cloth, oil, smoke powder, certain potions, etc} must also save or ignite, and add their damage & effects to the victim’s troubles The fiery aura also throws off gouts of flame at any moving creature within 1", and those struck will be likewise enspelled. The initial save is to determine if the spell extinguishes on its own, {if the initial save succeeds, the spell does not form & is lost} and improves by +1 per round until the spell ends for that creature. Sneaky use of this spell in the flow may spell the doom of an enemy ship, as it would set off a chain-reaction of expanding fireballs that could jump among a panicked crew.


Watchwere {Evocation}

Source: Daimos Greystar

Level: 5 MU.

Range: Touch

Duration: Special

Area of Effect: one item

Components: v, s, m

Casting time: 1 round

Saving Throw: none

Once this spell is cast upon a single item, the caster is thereafter alerted at the moment the item moves or is moved from the place or position it was in when the spell was cast, or is touched but not moved, by a living creature. The item can be any one object of any size, ie. a door, spellbook, a lock, a staircase, or similar. Once the item is disturbed, the caster, even if asleep, charmed, unconscious, or even if several planes distant or years have passed, will receive a clear mental image of the item, its surroundings, and any living beings within 1""of the item at that time. The caster continues to receive visual images for one round per his level at the time of the casting. No sound or other information of any type is conveyed. The caster may manipulate the object without setting off the spell. A Dispel Magic on the object will immediately set off the Watchwere, not dispel it. Note that the Watchwere functions only the once, and expires upon the death of the caster. Also, accidents and things like earthquakes can set this spell off as well.



Great Shout {Evocation}

Source: Daimos Greystar

Level: 8 MU.

Range: Self

Duration: Instantaneous

Area of Effect: 2" x 9" cone

Components: v,m

Casting time: 1 seg

Saving Throw: Special

Daimos’ infamous Great Shout is an extremely powerful & taxing spell. The caster must make a system shock roll & takes 2-8 hps; his shout becomes equivalent to a Horn of Blasting, causing damage to those in its area of effect:






1’x 8’ Narrow Path:






2 rds

4 rds



4 rds

8 rds

Rest of 2"x 9" Cone:






1 rd

2 rds



2 rds

4 rds


This spell also affects any structure exactly as per the Horn for the usual massive damage. All other material & magical objects in the area of effect must save vs. crushing blow as usual or be destroyed. Material component is any item bearing a dweomer, including a mundane object with a Light spell or similar temporary dweomers applied. {except relics}. The single verbal component is the magical word ‘Vavoom!’.



Staff of Power

+2 AC & Saves, Damage 3-8 +2

1 Charge

Double Damage strike

Continual Light

Darkness 5’ radius

MM/LB/FB at 7th level

Ray of Enfeeblement

Cone of Cold

2 Charges

Shield 5’ radius

Globe of Invulnerability


25 charges maximum, normal recharging.


Staff of the Magi

+2 saves vs magic

no charges

Detect Magic


Hold Portal


Protection from Good/Evil

1 Charge

Dispel Magic

FB/LB at 7th level


Ice Storm




Wall of Fire


2 Charges

Conjure Elemental {8 HD}

Plane travel

Telekinesis {200 lbs}


Can absorb incoming spells as charges. 25 charges maximum.