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Ah, where can I begin? I am a Tanu, the greatest race of conquerors to ever cover a battlefield in blood…. *c* Those are my Father's words, I'm afraid. My Awful Father, the god Andraxas, Lord of Doom, Master of Fire and Storm, Conqueror of Asgard and Overlord of the Eastern Kingdom of Greyhawk. And I am his son, so, I would hope some of his ferocity and skill have trickled down into my blood. Perhaps that is why I became an assassin? I cannot say, as the mortal offspring of a god, I sometimes wonder whether my Fate is in my own hands, or His.

Yes, an assassin.. In Tanu society, every profession has a Guild, and so too do the Assassins. My Guildhouse is in Goriah, the Jewel of the Plains, perhaps the greatest Tanu city on our homeworld of Arkaela. I've achieved quite high status in the Guild, though perhaps my lineage has something to do with that, too. But I must admit my own feats are due their fame. It's not what you'd think, though, we are not a group of thieves and cutpurses. In Tanu society, we keep such individuals in check, a kind of underground police force. And, we settle blood-debts among the rich, so that uninvolved family members and outsiders do not become casualties in the spill-over that can sometimes happen when two lords seek to do away with each other.

I have few friends; I'm not a people-person. I have a few adventuring companions on whom I can count, and to whom I promise my allegience. Samhein Greystar, the archmage Zaroth, Grand Admiral Kane, the dwarf-lord Otar; these people are worthy of much respect and loyalty. My half-brothers and sister I count as close; Abbadon, Pallas, and Illiana. All born of the God, though with different mothers, and I, the runt of the pack. *c* But my psionic power is the greatest of us of the Doomgiver bloodline next to Father's, so I don't complain. Within a Tanu family, that is something to boast, for all my people possess it; our history of enslavement and enforced eugenics by the Cthulan gods gave us the secrets of breeding power into our children. If you have a wish to learn more of the Tanu, please persuse the Tanu Handbook. It will give you great insight as to the nature of my people, my Father, and the world we come from.

Back to myself. I ply my trade now in the direct service of my Father, travelling where His interests take me. I am considered handsome enough, I suppose, though I am no dandy; in my trade, it is best to be unnoticed. *c* I can mimick others' mannerisms rather well, and excel at disguise, so you may have met me before without knowing it. Should I be in my normal garb, though, I would appear as a lithe-bodied, black-haired fellow, with our race's trademark double-point ears, and color-changing eyes. I always wear my grey cloak, and my personal sigil is a bat-skull. My family all have a skull sigil of some sort, and I choose the bat for its ability to hunt in the dark. My psionic powers are mostly aggressive, so a display of my ability may occur if there is any trouble; I am quite happy to show onlookers the superiority of my race. I possess several blades for use in physical battle, and except for one, all are trophies taken from the corpses of past enemies. But my own sword is the dreaded vermilion katana Smilodon. He is named for the saber-toothed cat that lords over the plains near my home city, for he too is bloodthirsty, and always hungry for more. And his Glass is tinted to the color of blood, which he claims from his kills. I must keep him sheathed; otherwise, he would berate me for not letting him slake his thirst, and he knows how to sling a good insult as well as a ribbon of blood! *L*

I have a fine suit of black, studded leather armor, which is covered with engraved images of bats flying among the forests of my home, but I rarely wear it unless a battle is in the offing; otherwise, I appear unarmored. That impression is false, however, for my bracers provide me with an invisible layer of protection, and the gloves I am usually seen wearing increase my dexterity greatly. Couple this with my mental powers and battle skill, and it is unlikely an enemy's blade will taste my flesh before Smilodon strikes. But, I welcome them to try…. *G*

One final thing… My left hand is covered in a rather unpleasant, writhing tattoo. One of my adventures allowed me to peruse the fabled Codex of the Infinite Planes. Brash as I was back then, and surrounded by friends equally as brash, I read of it's Damned Pages, and, following its fell rituals, learned the secret of instant physical transference to one of the other Planes of existance. My particular tattoo allows me to enter the Ethereal Plane, and return at will. But, I hardly resort to it, for I prefer to settle my scores up close and personal. Running is for victory laps, not fleeing a battle. *s*

Well, that is my tale. It still developes. If you wish, you might find me lurking in the vicinity of Dragondale or the Valley of the Lunar Rainbow. There is a friend of mine thereabouts I need to get in touch with…..

Items of Note:

Smilodon, the Crimson Tiger

Vorpal Katana +3 - Intelligence:6, Ego: 15
Special Purpose: Slay Humans & Humanoids
Special Purpose Power: Heal wielder 1x/day.
Detect Traps as the mage spell 3x/day, duration 1 turn, range 60 feet.
Personality: Smilodon is a somewhat narrow-minded, petulant weapon with an intelligence similar to that of a young child. Although the elemental spirit that makes up its intelligence has no species or gender, Vespasian has convinced it that it is, in fact, the spirit of a male saber-toothed tiger. When they are not arguing or trading barbs, he will coddle the sword, pet it, and generally refer to it as if it were a tiger cub. Whether the weapon is humoring him, or actually now believes it is a tiger is unknown, but both wielder and weapon maintain the charade. It is eager for combat, a reflection of its special purpose, and Vespasian must scold it when its perceived target is someone who should be treated as a friend, or at least, is forbidden to it as a victim.

Personal Information
Name: Vespasian Doomgiver Player: me
Race: Tanu Gender: Male Height: 5'9" Weight: 165 lbs
Class: Thief Level: 22 Alignment: Lawful Evil
XP: 2,640,000 Next Level: 2,860,000
Kit: Assassin
Ability Scores
Str: 15 Stamina: 15 Weight Allowance: 55 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 7%
Muscle: 15 Attack Adj.: +0 Damage Adj.: +0 Max. Press: 170 lbs Open Doors: 8
Dex: 19 Aim: 19 Missile Adjustment: +3 Pick Pockets: +15% Open Locks: +20%
Balance: 19 Reaction Adjustment: +3 Armor Class: -4 Move Silently: +15% Climb Walls: +15%
Con: 15 Health: 15 System Shock: 90% Poison Save: +0
Fitness: 15 Hit Point Adjustment: +1 Resurrection Chance: 94%
Int: 16 Reason: 16 Max. Spell Level: 8th Max. Spells Per Level: 11 Illusion Immunity: None
Knowledge: 16 Bonus Proficiencies: 5 Chance to Learn New Spell: 70%
Wis: 16 Intuition: 16 Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Willpower: 16 Magic Defense Adjustment: +2 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 16 Leadership: 16 Loyalty Base: +4 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 8
Appearance: 16 Initial Reaction Adjustment: +5
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 6 Poison: 6 Death Magic: 6 Petrification: 5 Polymorph: 5
Rod: 2 Staff: 2 Wand: 2 Breath Weapon: 9 Spell: 2
Hit Points: 97
Base THAC0: 11
Melee THAC0: 11
Missile THAC0: 8
Natural armor class 10
Bracers AC 0 0
{or} Full armor, studded leather +3 -6
Magic Armor adj. -3
Balance Defensive adj. -4
FINAL: -7/-1
Weapon Proficiencies
Dagger, stiletto
Full armor, studded leather
Sword, katana (Specialist)
Sword, short
Fighting Style:
Two Weapon (+2)
Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Contact 8
Tightrope walking 10
Riding, Land 13
Disguise 10
Heraldry 11
Etiquette 11
Native Languages
Common, Elf, Tanu
THAC0 Attacks/ Speed Damage Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Round Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Medium Long
Sword, Vorpal katana 11 1 3 1d10+3 1d12+3 S M
Dagger of venom 13 10 1 2 1d4+1 1d3+1 P S 2 4 6
Sword, short +2 Nine Lives Stealer 9 1 1 1d6+2 1d8+2 P S
Sword, short Vorpal 8 1 0 1d6+3 1d8+3 P S
Class Abilities
    Backstab - Surprise attack may inflict double damage. For every four levels beyond first, the damage multiplier increases by one. Current multiplier: x7.
    Climb walls* 65% - Able to climb vertical or smooth surfaces.
    Detect noise* 85% - May hear faint noises.
    Escaping bonds* 20% - Skill at escaping bonds.
    Find/remove traps* 85% - Skill at finding and disarming traps.
    Followers - Attracts followers when a stronghold is built and name level is reached.
    Hide in shadows* 75% - Grants the ability to hide in shadows.
    Move silently* 75% - May move without making a sound.
    Open locks* 85% - Skill at opening locks with the proper tools.
    Pick pockets* 65% - Skill at pilfering small items from pockets or purses.
    Read languages* 80% - Skill at deciphering unknown texts.
    Scroll Use 80% - May use magic scrolls at 9th level.
    Thieves' cant - Knowlege of the secret language of thieves.
    Weapon specialization - May specialize in one weapon.

Rogue Skills
Skill Base Racial Mods Ability Scores Discretionary Points Armor Final
Climb walls 60 +0 +15 +20 -30 65%
Detect noise 15 +0 +0 +80 -10 85%
Find/remove traps 5 +0 +10 +80 -10 85%
Hide in shadows 5 +0 +15 +75 -20 75%
Move silently 10 +0 +15 +70 -20 75%
Open locks 10 +0 +20 +65 -10 85%
Pick pockets 15 +0 +15 +65 -30 65%
Read languages 0 +0 +0 +80 +0 80%
Escaping bonds 10 +0 +15 +0 -5 20%
Racial Abilities

Tanu, Racial Psionic Power

Tanu, Infra-Ultravision, 60-foot range
PSPs: 340 MTHAC0: 9 MAC: 6
Devotions: 17 Sciences: 7 Disciplines: 5
Attacks: Ego Whip (EW), Id Insinuation (II), Mind Thrust (MT), Psionic Blast (PB), Psychic Crush (PsC)
Defenses: Intellect Fortress (IF), Mental Barrier (MB), Mind Blank (MBk), Thought Shield (TS), Tower of Iron Will (TW)
Power PSPs Range Area of Effect MAC
Psi-Create {Tanu} 50 +1 per spell level varies varies by effect; see description 10
Clairvoyance 5/2 Unlimited Special 7
Detection 8/3 0 special 9
Sensitivity to observation 5/2 0 special 10
Poison Sense 1/1 1 yd r. sphere Personal 10
Psychokinetic (Primary)
Kinetic Control 8/3 0 personal 7
Wards 50+ Personal 30 foot radius 6
Soften 3/1 30 yards 1object of 10 lbs. or less. 8
Magnatize 2/1 30 yards one object 8
Return Flight 3/1 0 single missle 7
Momentum Theft 5/3 30 yards one creatuer or object 7
Psychometabolic (Primary)
Complete Healing 25/5 0 Personal 7
Cell Adjustment 5+ Touch Individual 6
Adrenaline Control 5/2 0 personal 6
Mind Over Body 10/day/4 touch individual 8
Cognitive Trance 4/2 0 personal 8
Biofeedback 4/2 0 personal 6
Body Control 6/2 0 Personal 5
Gird 2 X cost 0 personal 7
Immovability 7/2 0 personal 5
Mindlink 7+/3+ Unlimited Individual 8
Invisibility 3+/2+ 100 yards Individual 6
Awe 4+/2+ 0 20 yards 6
Mind Bar 5/2 0 personal 7
Ambidexterity - reduces two weapon fighting penalty by 2.
Alertness - +1 bonus to suprise rolls.
Impersonation - The character recieves a +2 bonus to their disguise checks.

Fanaticism - The character will follow some code of belief, no matter what the current situation.

Movement and Encumbrance
Encumbrance Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
Weight (lbs) 0-55 56-85 86-115 116-145 146-170
Movement 0 0 0 0 1
THAC0 -1 -2 -4
AC +1 +3
Currently carrying 22.00 pounds (None Encumbrance, 0 Movement)
  • Animals
    • Horse, light war {actually a Hrungren, name: Stormheart}
    • Barding, studded leather
    • Horseshoes of Speed
  • Items Carried
    • Portable Hole
    • Dagger of venom
    • Necklace of Strangulation
    • Potion of Poison x2
    • Sword, short +2 Nine Lives Stealer
    • Sword, short Vorpal
    • Thieves' picks
  • Items Readied
    • Sword, Vorpal katana
  • Items Worn
    • Bracers of Defense AC 0
    • Baldric, bandoleer(silk)
    • Boots, soft
    • Full armor, studded leather +3
    • Gauntlets of Dexterity
    • Ring of Invisibility
    • Ring of Protection +2
    • Scarab of Protection
    • Tunic

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