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Welcome, and thanks for your interest in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ gameworld of ARKAELA!

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It seems that Tripod has changed the code for their java pop-ups without notice. Now, the annoying advertising pop-up that appears when you first access a Tripod page, will continue reappearing again & again, if you choose {as I know I ALWAYS do} to close it before surfing on among these pages. In order to enjoy your surfing of my Arkaela pages, please just MINIMIZE the pop-up window; in this way, you can press buttons and links on this site to your heart's content without more pop-ups appearing to annoy you and detract from your exploration of this web page. Thank you for your patience!

These pages are under constant construction, so please check back again!

Recent News:

I have finally posted the write-up for the new dwarven battleship, the Great Dwarven Axe! Created by one of my players, it's easily adaptable for any dwarvenocentric fleet in your own games, or can continue the history and flavor of a home-played Arkaela game. There is even a full-color 8x11 printable ship card just like you'd find in one of the Spelljammer boxed sets! Look for it under Ships & Helms....

I have also posted a Spelljammer Primer for DMs and Players new to the setting! It has it's own button in the Button frame...

I am also currently working on a Downloads section, since I've amassed quite a collection of useful little gaming-related files. Keep an eye out for a new button on the lefthand frame soon.

Note: If by any chance, you are a NYC gamer looking for a group to join in northern Queens, check my AccessDenied.Net Gamer Database Profile.

Player and Game finder!

The World of Arkaela was created many years ago as an additional campaign setting for a very active group of gamers in New York City. It began as a source for new vistas at a time when three main RP characters had become powerful enough to challenge the gods and carve their own places among them. Gamer interest in the new world and its native race caused an expansion of the original limited scope of the location into a playable world, with new creatures, places, and rules additions. The arrival of the Spelljammer™ rules allowed the PCs to expand into a whole other world, that of wildspace, and spelljamming became a staple of many campaigns. Your Humble Dungeonmaster has attempted to convert all the years' accumulated sheets, scribblings and character histories as experienced by several generations of characters in the actual campaigns into a sourcebook for gaming players here on the web.

The Sacred City of Doom's Gate can be seen in Places of NoteThe World of Arkaela website is divided into several areas for you to explore, from both a DMs and a Player's perspective. While the Navigation buttons to the left try to be obvious, a general Site Map and description is available in the DM's Notes section. If you are simply looking for bits & pieces of AD&D gaming ideas rather than an entire gameworld to use, this area will still be useful to you.

The area below contains Top List voting buttons, banners and webrings related to AD&D and Role Playing in general. There are also many, many more of these available on both the Credits & Links pages. Clicking & exploring them is greatly appreciated, for doing so keeps both the World of Arkaela, and the world of Role Playing alive on the web! Thanks in advance!

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