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Tanu Skate

Tons/Hull Points: 3

Crew: 1/3

Maneuverability Class: B

Landing - Land: yes

Water: yes

Armor rating: 6

Saves as: Metal

Power Type: Psi-helm or other

Armament: 1 Light mount weapon {crew 1}

Keel length: 15 feet

Beam: cabin - 5 feet, wingspan - 25 feet

The skate is the Tanu flitter. Built as a much smaller version of the trademark manta warship, it is a mixture of Tanu and gnomish design. The skate is given minimal rigging, thus its MC, and is built up from many glass ingots, until the shipís body is a single welded piece, with only a single hatch. This provides protection as well as sealing in the precious psi-jamming helm; in order to remove it, the entire ship must be cracked open, causing the helm to save at 16 or be destroyed.

The rigging is controlled by the helmsman with levers and pedals, allowing other crewmen to fire weapons or otherwise be engaged in battle. It also allows the craft to drop off warriors and then circle for pickup. There is also a remote trigger at the helm for the shipís weapon, allowing the helmsman to fire {but not load!} at a -4 penalty.

Due to its gnomish ailerons, the skate is a difficult craft to master: unskilled pilots manning one will face an MC of F until completing four successful maneuvers for each MC gained. {skill roll}