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Abbadon's stats in terms of the AD&D universe are shown for reference only. Players attempting to use this information as if it were known by other characters will find their actions ignored at best, and rumors spread about their lame gaming habits. :)

Pirate Abb

Abbadon Doomgiver, the Dark Angel of Morning, Herald of Ragnaroc

Strength: 23

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 20

Dexterity: 21

Constitution: 23

Charisma: 20

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Worshipper's Align: any Lawful, plus vikings, knights, and those seeking honor

Plane: Dark Asgard {Arvandor}

Level 36 Cavalier

Hit Points: better than 375, so, think twice

Special Attacks: see below

Special Defenses: see below

Magic Resistance: personal = 15%, items increase this total above that number

Psionic Ability: Class VI, immune to psionic effects

All abilities, bonuses and immunities provided by such high natural stat scores, as well as those granted a Cavalier of such level, will be considered in combat situations.

As stated, Abbadon is a born-demigod, both parents being deities {Greater Gods} in their own right. His mother is Gulliveig, Vanir goddess of witches, and his father is Andraxas, the Arkaelan Lord of Doom who brought about Ragnaroc and the fall of the Aesir. He also has several half-siblings by his father, and mortal female worshippers. Abbadon receives, from his father, the attributes of a fire-deity, in that he is completely immune to all heat effects. In addition, his blood runs at a temperature approaching that of liquid copper, so woe be to anyone who is splashed with his life's blood in battle. His mother grants him her resistances to magic and psionics. A Vanir, his deific control weather abilities are double strength, but apply only to the summoning or banishing of thunder storms, which appear or depart at his whim. From these or natural storms, he may call down lightning bolts of 10 dice power, one a round, at any target in sight. He also possesses all the magical powers afforded a demi-god, as outlined in the original World of Greyhawk setting.

Abbadon wields the Aesirhamar, detailed below, as well as a black glassteel Vorpal +3. He is also known to own a Maul of the Titans, a heavy Lance +4 of burnished gold, and several other trophy weapons from past battles. He is clad in full plate armor of +5 black glassteel with a black, slatted war-kilt, and occasionally carries a magical shield. He also owns several other lesser magical items.

As a Cavalier of master levels, he possesses weapon specialization in the hammer, lance, and longsword, as well as fighting bonuses from horseback, and other abilities granted that class. His Weapon of Choice is the hammer.

Abbadon appears as a human knight seven feet in height, massively muscled and armored, with chiseled features, raven-black hair and square brows. He often stripes his face with blue wode if battle is in the offing. His eyes are striking, and the irises are lit from within by leaping flames. He frequently rides a huge proto-horse 20 hands high, named Mongrel, who is also typically armored for war.

A deity in a pantheon which serves a spelljamming-aware society, Abbadon commands a fleet of space-going vessels among his people. He is known to occasionally captain a spelljamming pirate vessel on the Prime Material plane, a luminous white, Manta-shaped vessel named the "Whorefrost", in which he and his comrades go a-viking for fun and plunder.


Originally constructed for the giants of Asgard by the Midgardian dwarves Brokkir and Dwalin, Aesirhamar is a mithril-steel warhammer with a head four feet across and a six-foot handle. Both are elaborately carved with scenes of broken skulls among flowering ivy, and the grip is wrapped in the hide of a type II demon and trimmed in mastodon fur. It weights 5000 GPs.

Due to its unwieldiness, non-giants can only swing the hammer once per round in melee, and hurling requires a one-round `wind up'. Wielders under 12' in height attack at -2. If hurled, it will return to its wielder in the same round.

* Aesirhamar is a +4 warhammer, but can only be wielded by those possessing a strength of 23 or higher. Its damage is based on user strength: damage is 8d4+4 at 23 str. with a hurling range of 180 yards at +5 to hit; damage is 10d4+4 at 24 str with a hurling range of 210 yards at +6 to hit; for every str point above 24, the hammer adds 2d4 dam. and +1 to hit and +30 yards range.

* Aesirhamar acts as a Rod of Absorption, able to absorb 50 spell levels cast at its wielder. This occurs instantly, without concentration, but will not happen while this stored-up energy is being used.

* Upon uttering the command word "Vengeance", the hamar glows with power for three rounds; if it strikes an opponent during this time, the victim suffers the effects of a symbol of stunning. This power may be used three times a day.

* Aesirhamar acts as a +3 ring of protection.

* The hamar can be made to shrink down to hand-axe size and weight for easy transport at the command word "Brokkir". The hamar retains its +4 and damage in this size, but loses its spell powers and hurling abilities & bonuses. The word "Hargnar" returns it to normal size.

* Due to the Dwarves' treachery, the hamar is cursed: any non-dwarf who touches it {no save} is cursed to either befriend {50%} or attack {50%} the next dwarf he sees. Befriended dwarves will be gifted with all the being's items and treasure except the hamar. Attacks are made as a berserker {+2 to-hit & damage , -4 to AC & saves}. Note that either state will last for 1 turn, after which the opposite state will occur, and so on. This curse continues even if the hamar is lost, as only a Wish spell can lift it. Abbadon's Intelligence and Wisdom scores render him immune to this effect, however.

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